Dr. Heather Kim, DO

physicn [ME physik natural science, art of medicine, fr. AF phisiquefisik, fr. L physica, sing. natural science, fr. Gk physikē, fr. fem. of physikos—more at PHYSICS] (14c) 1 a : the art or practice of healing disease b : the practice or profession of medicine 2 : a medicinal agent or or preparation; esp : PURGATIVE 3 :archaic : NATURAL SCIENCE (Merriam Webster, 2003)

[I]t is noteworthy that the Greek root is (in Greek) transparently connected with the base noun φύσις and its underlying verb φύειν, both of which refer to making something grow, creating something, bringing something into being. The underlying root is PIE *bheuH-, which simply means ‘be’, so the ultimate sense of physic(al) is just ‘relating to that which is’. -Janus Bahs Jacquet

relating to that which is’. This is my practice of conscious dance.

With a deeper understanding of the Greek root where the word physician arises, we find embodiment and physical medicine are intertwined.  It is in their interrelated space that I have found a place to play and create with all that I am.  As a physician, movement medicine is the next step in my desire to create deep and lasting healing. To embody, or to come home to the physical body, healing must happen.  It is literally impossible to find stillness without compassion for what has been. Our body holds memories deeply. Thankfully, within conscious movement, we have the ability to release ourselves from history and land fully in this now. This moment. Mindfulness is a powerful innate source of healing.

I am a dancing physician. The space I hold is intentional, authentic and medicinal.

All are welcome here.

At this point, I bring over 20 years of movement, meditation and healing experience. My yoga practice began in 1998. Graduated from Yandara Yoga Teacher Training 200hr program and began teaching vinyasa yoga in 2003, Graduated Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008, Dell Children’s Pediatric Residency in 2011. Created Intuitive Pediatrics and joined the progressive healing team at The New Clinic of NY. My dancing began in 2016 and has included the study of NIA, 5 Rhythms, Soul Motion, Contact Improv, and Open Floor modalities. This year I completed, Foundations level training with Soul Motion as my chosen lineage. I will continue my training with them becoming a certified Soul Motion Teacher over the next 3 years.