Informed Consent

Informed consent is paramount to entering any healing experience.  This is a term you may recognize from allopathic medicine and has been an active area of interest for me.  This week I have been curious about what informed consent looks like for a beginner to conscious dance? How in the world does someone make an informed agreement to participate in something they have never done before?  
The bravery the beginner dance student brings will hold me in awe likely the rest of my days.  To step literally into the unknown, as someone asks you to surrender the protection of your thinking mind with your shoes at the door, this folks takes some serious cajones.

So this is my informed consent to the Dance thus far:

Conscious dance may shock, soothe, heal, crack and ultimately, embody you.  These things can happen in any order or rotation and most likely the beautiful spiral will never stop.  Are you ready to come home? We act shocked at what’s there but you know. Are you ready to face what’s there?  Dancing can leave you lighter than where you started and sometimes a deep dance can leave you heavier for a bit.  Sometimes it will make you smile so hard it hurts. Sometimes it may be so quiet. Really, beautifully quiet. Sometimes there are tears, grief and nausea.  You will make good friends. Make sure you’re ready for that. You will never be as alone as you once were. You are becoming part of global tribe.

Community is part of this deal.  

Last Summer Sundays we dance 7:30-9pm @alamocityyoga

June 30th, July 28th, August 25th      

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